Saturday, October 30, 2010

The secret to make your car last longer, higher mileage!

If you ever buy a used front wheel traction car, make sure that you replace the water pump, timing belt and most important of all the timing belt tensioner even tough it doesn't need it at the time this will make your car run smoother and with less effort therefore prolonging the life of the cylinder rings and the engine blcok itself. Make sure that this is done by a professional auto mechanic or certified auto dealer. one thing that dealers don't want you to know is that every time they replace a timing belt they will not, i repeat, they will never replace the timing belt tensioner, this will make your car run rougher later down the road. The thing is that they want you to come back for more services and then they'll replace the tensioner. I worked for a Chevrolet dealer for 7 years and that was one of the policies that anytime i replaced or removed a timing belt i was not to adjust the tensioner, bullshit? Don't ever take your car to the dealership take it to a local certified mechanic.

Timing chains like this are some of the best in the market.

1998 chevy malibu, this have been one of the best car i have ever worked on, chevyrolet made this car to last forever, check out mileage on this cars for the year when it first came out and you'll see that they have alot a miles which means that they are great cars, mechanically speaking, one bad thing about this great cars is that they are small and don't have enough power to carry or pull  anything just yourself!

I have two cars one is a 1999 chevy malibu with 228,000 miles that was purchased for 4,456.00 with 105,000 miles, my car now is worth about 500 dollars but the miles i have driven it for defenately paid for itselft many times. I also have a 2000 chevy malibu great car with 123,000 miles on it, i recently replace the water pump and the timing belt and tensioner. one other thing about this great cars is that they are fuel efficient up to 35 miles per gallon. If your car has High miles i strongly recommend to use 5w 20 motor oil.  If You ever travel more than 100 miles check your oil before taking off, then when you get to your destination check it again to see that the color of the oil changed color to a darker color which means that this thicker oil was actually rubbing off older build up oil from the engine chamber.